Spotlight is a museum experience that uses customized wearable technology to serve as a companion working in tandem with interactive elements to keep visitors engaged with history.

Client:                Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame 

Class:                 New Media Team Project

Platform:           Branding, Experiential

Year:                   2016


The brand was created taking the entire Spotlight experience into consideration. It is a direct reflection of the orb that is created by the user in the entrance experience. The dynamic logo allows the branding to come to life and bring diversity within the outreach.


Entrance Experience
Each visitor would fill out a three question quiz upon entering the exhibit. This would localize their favorite genres, artists, and musical experiences. With each answer, they would create their own unique orb that represents their music taste.


Exit Experience
Once the visitor has finished their tour throughout the music the final exit experience acts as a summary of all the visitors visits. Throught the tour the device would collect data based on which exhibits you were attracted to the most as you were walking through. Based off of that data you would be placed in a ‘music bucket’ that matches your style the most. Each visitor would be symbolized as a gray dot by their bucket, but once the dot is activated, the visitors' personal orb would show up. It gives a chance for people to see what others are interested in.


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
Bob Marley